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The power of our technology gives our data collectors, or Proxies, the ability to capture still-photos, View360 photos, and a floor plan via our mobile app - no extra equipment needed. This drastically increases efficiency which helps us deliver property insights in under 24 hours.* National average.

We took it a step further and created a Proxy Tier System to meet GSE requirements. Same powerful technology plus trained Proxies = UPD Solution.

Proxy Tier System
Licensed Professional Icon
Licensed Professional

Appraiser, Realtor, Notary Public, General Contractor, etc.

Trained Proxies Icon
Trained Proxies

Qualified professionals who undergo the following training and safety checks Arrow left

General Public Icon
General Public

Only eligible for External Orders

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Trained Data Collector Requirements
ProxyPics Tier System
General Information
  • Personal Information
  • Front Face Photo
  • Driver's License
ProxyPics Tier System
  • GSE ( Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac )
ProxyPics Tier System
  • Annual Background Check
  • OFAC Search
  • SSN Address Trace
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • County Criminal Check
  • Sex Offender (NSOPW) Search
Average Turntimes
New York
Single Family
From Single-Family to
65K+ sq ft Commercial
360View Icon


Explore the subject environment as if you were there with our immersive 360View photos. Scroll up, down, left, and right to look around the space at your own pace and focus on key property features.

Floor Plan Scan Icon

Floor Plan Scan

Our cutting-edge technology gives us the ability to measure/scan utilizing LiDAR on our mobile device to produce floorplans/GLAs with automatic measurements which can be easily imported into any facility management software.

3D LiDAR Scan Icon

3D LiDAR Scan

Elevate property inspections with our 3D Lidar Scan, an advanced tool that offers a virtual, interactive 3D web interface for clients to explore and measure properties with precision. Our Proxies scan property exteriors and interiors in real-time using the technology embedded in our app. The scans are converted into interactive 3D models on our platform, allowing real estate professionals to explore and measure any feature to the inch, as if on-site.

Uniform Property Dataset (UPD) Icon

Uniform Property Dataset (UPD)

ProxyPics proudly partnered with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as the first approved software vendor for the Uniform Property Dataset (UPD). The report is a comprehensive set of required, conditionally required, and optional data elements designed to streamline property data collection. It supports a full interior and exterior data collection process, including images and floor plans of the subject property, ensuring a thorough and standardized dataset.

Property Condition Report (PCR) Icon

Property Condition Report (PCR)

Create a custom report to cherry pick property information that is important for your workflow. Customize your photo tasks to see specific portions of the subject property and customize your questionnaires to satisfy specific reporting needs.

3D-Model Measurements Icon

3D-Model Measurements

Accurately plan your projects or construction with precise "to-the-inch" measurements using our 3D-model service. Our advanced technology generates a customizable, precise 3D model of your property, including roofing, siding, windows, surface areas, and openings, using real-time photos collected by our Proxies. Export the model in various formats including PDF, Excel, JSON, XML, or popular CAD types like SKP, DXF, DWG.

Evaluation Icon


ProxyPics provides human-generated, unbiased opinions about a home's current condition in conjunction with comparable sales to ensure you receive the most accurate market value.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) + PCR Icon

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) + PCR

Instantly obtain the value of a subject property by leveraging our AVM tool which combines statistical modeling with a database of existing properties and transactions to calculate residential and commercial real estate values. Since our AVM product pulls existing data, our PCR product will provide a real-time property condition report in under 24 hours, to mitigate risk in home equity lending.

Drive-By Property Condition Report Icon

Drive-By Property Condition Report

With over 75,000 Proxies (photo collectors) nationwide, we can collect exterior photos such as the front photo, address verification, and street scene in less than 24 hours. You can order photos on a periodic basis to stay updated on the subject property.

Occupancy Verification Icon

Occupancy Verification

Request night-time photos to check for factors that determine occupancy such as power utilization and/or vehicles in the driveway.

Draw Inspection Icon

Draw Inspection

Obtain a real-time progress report which validates construction progress in conjunction with fund distribution. Attach any pre-existing draw inspections to your request to enhance data accuracy and identify progress concerns as early as possible.

1004D Final Inspection Icon

1004D Final Inspection

Drastically save time, money, and effort in your final inspection process by utilizing the ProxyPics mobile app to produce your 1004D on site. All property photos and data are captured by the Appraiser using our app and then instantly mapped into a final PDF report with the click of a button.

1004D Alternative/Attestation Letter Icon

1004D Alternative/Attestation Letter

Verify construction completion and satisfy any deficiencies with our 1004D Alternative product. Whether it’s the borrower or builder completing the report, our mobile app will allow them to capture on site visuals quickly and efficiently. Our powerful technology geocodes the property information and makes it easy for the respecting parties to sign the Letter of Attestation which verifies completion of construction.

Property Rehab Condition Report Icon

Property Rehab Condition Report

Verify repairs have been completed to ensure a hazard free environment and detect any possible functional property deficiencies not indicated in the initial insurance claim.

Disaster Inspection Icon

Disaster Inspection

We can deliver photos and information on the affected property and surrounding area to properly assess the damage.

ProxyPics Direct Icon

ProxyPics Direct

Obtain internal property data directly from the homeowner via our mobile app to save time and hassle.

AIV (As Is Value) + PCR (Property Condition Report) Icon

AIV (As Is Value) + PCR (Property Condition Report)

Obtain the current value of a property by using our technology-drive approach that analyzes various data sources against a condition report, collected in real time by our data collectors, to calculate the property's worth without any repairs or renovations.

ARV (As Repaired Value) + PCR (Property Condition Report) Icon

ARV (As Repaired Value) + PCR (Property Condition Report)

Obtain the estimated value of a property after it undergoes repairs/renovation, confirmed by a real-time condition report, to drive better decision making when purchasing an investment property.

Get real-time property insights on demand

Licensed Proxy

Licensed professional with Real Estate Background (Appraiser, Realtor, Notary, General Contractor, etc.)

Trained Proxy

Available for interior and exterior orders. Under go extensive training compliant to GSE guidelines, background check and submit ID verification.

General Public

Only available for exterior orders. Produce the most aggressive turn times.

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