The evolution of real estate inspections and hybrid appraisals

Enhance your hybrid appraisal and speed up your inspections with up to date photos and property details in a matter of hours.

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Request a photo inspection

You can choose as many mandatory photos as you like and allow extra photos to be taken by providing some guidelines. In addition, it is still possible to create fully customized questionnaires to be answered.

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Use ProxyPics Crowdsource or Direct

Choose Crowdsource to have one of our thousands of users complete your inspection request. Or, use Direct to send the inspection request directly to the property owner or tenant by SMS.

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Industry Opportunities


Our property condition reports allow for the most up to date state of a property.


Leading patented technology enables companies to order an assortment of valuation requests.


Audit displays and general standards with photos within minutes all across the country.


Reduce turn times and costs with instant updates of a property.


From automated valuation requests to full appraisals, our technology reduces the time and price to appraise.

Single Family Rentals

Check the condition of rentals by directly requesting photos from the tenant.

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Take photos

The more photos you snap, the more you make!

ProxyPics will notify you when photo assignments are available near your current location. Accept any nearby requests, take the pic, submit, and get paid! Work whenever it’s convenient for you, wherever you are.

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Integrations – API

The power of ProxyPics platform inside your own system.

Create photo requests, get notified about status changes, download photos, reports and much more.

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