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ProxyPics redefines property data collection by using patented technology and a mobile workforce to provide on-demand visual verification of any location, eliminating the need to be physically present. Our marketplace connects users with Proxies who deliver property insights within 24 hours through our mobile app, offering a convenient and efficient solution for professionals across various industries.

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We use Artificial Intelligence to automate the process of object detection in rooms, transforming real-time photos into a wealth of meaningful data.

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4.8out of 5 • 2.5K Ratings


Best side gig app on the play store!

I rarely feel moved to write a review unless I am disappointed by something…But in this instance I am more than happy with what this app has to offer! The assignments are fun and not difficult to do and I feel like I am valued by this company, they have great customer service and have even doubled the reward for a trip that I had to make twice. My only complaint is that I have run out of assignments in my area! Keep up the good work and thank you for the excellent service you are providing.

chuckterre, Aug 23, 2023

Best Gig App Best Customer Service

I currently run six other gig apps and I’m always frustrated when I talk to the customer service, I’ve never once even considered it in the realm of possibility that I would experience that with ProxyPics and they surely have not disappointed, their customer service team is prompt, as I am typing this i received a response to my email from them I had just sent ( talk about proving yourself ) the app itself is super enjoyable, and easy to use. I’m excited to see the company expand and take on bigger projects, as a photographer and videographer this gives me a chance to make a little bit of extra money on demand doing what I love to do! I couldn’t recommend trying the app more, plus there’s tons of money to be made.

ikolooj – Aug 18, 2023
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