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Mandatory Photos

The exact photos you want, the way you need:

  • Give them a title and detailed guidelines (e.g. Front Photo - Front photo avoiding animals and street signs).
  • Add as many photos as you want

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Extra Photos

Add the ability for the photo taker to attach unlimited photos.

Provide some guidelines and the photo taker can follow them to add photos.

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Custom Questionnaire

Build a custom form to go along with property photos.

  • Choose from free text to multiple choice answers
  • Allow unlimited photos to be attached to the answer

Price boost

Add an amount to be paid to the photo taker, turning your requests more attractive and improve the turn time.

Licensed requests

Filter your requests to only notify users with a business license.

Geofence enabled

Our technology forces the user to be within a specific range of the correct property on the order form. Outside of the range locks the app and denies access to the camera.

Geolocated photos

Geolocation embedded on each photo.

Custom expirations

Customize for how long your requests will be available for completion.

Reference number

Enter a loan number or reference number on each order to easily filter them in the future.

Company profiles

Manage users under your company profile.

Bulk upload templates

Define request templates with photos and questionnaires for bulk uploading.

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