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Commercial and Residential Services


ProxyPics provides an extremely wide array of residential and
commercial property inspection services nationwide. We cover
everything from a single photo to insurance related inspections to
ensure you get an accurate and detailed inspection.

Drive-By Inspection

With over 70,000 Proxies (photo collectors) nationwide, we can collect exterior photos such as the front photo, address verification, and street scene in less than 24 hours. You can order photos on a periodic basis to stay updated on your property.

Occupancy Verification

Request night-time photos to check for factors that determine occupancy such as power utilization and/or vehicles in the driveway.


Combine your pool of exterior and interior property photos with a custom questionnaire to collect the information you need, your way.

Draw Inspection

Evaluate the current progress against what has been reported to ensure your construction project is aligned with the budget and timeline.

1004D Final Inspection

Streamline your final inspection process by utilizing ProxyPics to produce your 1004D. With the click of a button, all photos and commentary will be mapped into the 1004D and delivered to your client in minutes.

Loss Draft Inspection

Determine the completion rate of repairs against what has been authorized by the insurance claim.

Property Rehab Insurance

Verify repairs have been completed to ensure a hazard free environment and detect any possible functional property deficiencies not indicated in the initial insurance claim.

Floor Plan Scan

Our cutting-edge technology gives you the ability to measure/scan, utilizing LiDAR, to produce floorplans/GLAs which can be easily imported into a 1004 webform.

Disaster Inspection

We can deliver photos and information on the affected property and surrounding area to properly assess the damage.

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