A solution designed for real estate appraisers to streamline their final inspection process.

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How it works

How it works?

With new construction on the rise and foreclosure moratoriums lifting, final inspections will also be in high demand and our newest 1004D feature will be a solution worth looking into. Lenders and AMCs can also greatly benefit from our 1004D feature as we have full API integration for report submissions.

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Upload the original 1004 in a MISMO file for our system to automatically map this data into the 1004D.

Assign inspections

Final inspections can be assigned to the original appraiser or appraiser trainee via an SMS download link to our ProxyPics direct app.

Take photo of the subject.



Digitally sign the

All within the app,
on site.

Automated 1004D report

With the click of a button, the 1004D report is generated and delivered to their delivered to your client instantly, saving you hours of data entry, and photo uploads.

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